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Rocky Mountaineer Canada

In September I was lucky enough to experience the Rocky Mountaineer Canada, it also happened to be number one on my bucket list and it definitely lived up to my expectations. For anyone looking for flights or accommodation to Canada there are some great deals out there. 

There are a number of different journeys you can do on the Rocky Mountaineer. I chose Journey through the Clouds explorer,that included an 8 day journey  with 7 nights accommodation and a couple of breakfast’s and lunches included.


My journey started at Vancouver where I explored many of the sites of Vancouver. Gastown is a very chic happening place, lots of restaurants,bars and groovy little shops and of course there’s the Gastown Steam Clock. Stanley Park, Granville Island Public Markets, Capilano Suspension Bridge, and Grouse Mountain, now there is a climb if you are the active and adventurous type, the locals call it the Grouse Grind and it certainly lived up to its name its 2.9Km near vertical hike with 2830 stairs and an elevation gain of 2800 feet it takes around 1.5 – 2 hours well worth it,(no you don’t have to walk back down there is a sky ride gondola to take you backdown). I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Vancouver and would recommend it as a must see place, simply beautiful.

I was about to embark on the next part of my adventure the Rocky Mountaineer. My first stop was Kamloops, which would take us all day to get there, as we started heading out of Vancouver and got into British Columbia the scenery changed the mountains and rivers were just magical. The dining room was where we were given a delicious menu to choose from for breakfast and for lunch, it was here that I met a whole range of people from all over the world.


As we rolled into Kamloops our first overnight stop we were welcomed by all the locals, I didn’t really see a whole lot of this town as it was only an overnight stop dinner and bed. Unless you wanted to go and watch the first Ice Hockey match of the season. The town was very deceiving didn’t appear to be a huge population until you got over the mountain then you realised just how big it was. It was at this point where the carriages were separated  half the train went off to Jasper the other travelled across the Rockies to Banff.


Finally arrived at Jasper to the usual waving from the locals. That would be the end of my journey on the Rocky Mountaineer, it was from here I would travel the rest of our journey on a motor coach. Jasper Fairmont Park Lodge was simply breathtaking, the lake was as blue as blue with snow capped mountains and the crispness of the air made you feel alive.

I had two nights in Jasper at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. The first day we were on a site seeing tour, lakes and mountains, I would be lucky enough to see some of the wildlife, Elk, Squirrels and a Moose on the road. All the buses and cars just stopped and everyone was trying to get photos its just crazy, I still hadn’t seen the one thing I wanted to the most a bear.


On my way to Banff we stopped off at the Columbia Icefield, freezing is the first word that comes to my head, well worth it though. I managed to get to the Australian and Canadian flags for a photo. A few more stops before I reached the one place I had dreamt of staying Fairmont Banff unbelievable. Now this should be on everyones bucket list. 

Lake Louise

On our way back up to Lake Louise, on day 5 I finally got to see a bear actually 4 bears a mother and her cubs on the side of the railway line, my wildlife had all been ticked off. We headed to Yoho National Park it was a magnificient day sun shining, it was beautiful. 

Arrived at Fairmont Lake Louise another place that was high on my to do list, amazing it just felt so surreal even being there. Walked up to Agnes Teahouse about a 3.5Km one way it is situated along the eastern shore at an elevation of 2134 Metres. A great hike and well worth the view of Lake Louise once you get to the top but. It was freezing. 


My Rocky Mountaineer Canada tour was now coming to an end. As we headed for Calgary I had one more adventure to look forward to a helicopter ride. A panoramic view of the Rockies and I was fortunate enough to sit in the front with the pilot, the view was amazing. 

I had met so many people on this trip from all over the world and I urge everyone to go and see this beautiful part of our world. For more travel information go to

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